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Afton Grant

Master Series Top Stage Upgrade

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Rather than make a new thread, I may as well dig up an old one. On my latest job my downconverter died on me at the last minute and I had to spend an hour or so looking into who had a HD-SDI to composite converter. Turns out everyone near me has HD sleds. I ended up driving an extra 100 miles each way to get it. So I bit the bullet and bought an hd-sdi monitor. The next step in this is to get rid of the FLG and DA boards I never use but have to run through so I can run HD down the post. I'm fine with the current topstage (for now) and I don't have the cash on hand to buy a Pro topstage, so Is it at all possible to replace the connectors and cabling with proper 75 ohm parts? do I even need to rerun the wires or can I just find the right molex to match the bottom of the sled and bypass the boards but leave the rest of the cabling? If I do end up recabling the post, any recommendations for what cable to get? If I do end up ripping the sled apart, I'll rewire the power cables so I can power the watt sucking cameras this rig was never designed for.

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Even though this thread is old, I would like to chat with y'all about it. I have a master sled and I would love to upgrade to a top stage that is field serviceable or at least one with parts that are available. @Afton Grant do you have any more of those boxes? And if not, who made them for you?


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