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Klassen Harness and Suspender for sale

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I am posting this for a DP I know who is selling his Klassen Universal Harness along with a Suspender rig. The harness is a medium size and should fit someone who is 5'7" to 5'10" and up to 175lbs. This harness was purchased by a DP a few years ago for a particular job that was mostly hand-held, and not used after that-- so it is in excellent condition. Please note that there is NO backmounted steadicam arm included with this harness as it was purchased to be used with the suspender only, but an arm can be purchased separately from Walter Klassen if needed. The price is right for this equuipt as the DP is motivated to sell: $2500 for the harness with the standard Klassen spare parts kit, the suspender rig and hard shell case for the suspender. Considering an Easy Rig is $3000 I thought was was a steal. Please send further inquiries to bobgorelick@gmail.com or sharondp@pacbell.net. Thank you!

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