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frank liu

Is the Glidecam Gold worth the price?

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I have a original Gold sled (1.5" post with 3 Anton Bauer battery option) and a Gold arm. It was a really good value at the time I bought it and it is still one of the best professional systems in the mid-priced range (less than $30,000). I saw their new sled with 2" post and all HD-SDI wiring at NAB this year which added much better rigidity than the 1.5" post when I test it. They also had a new prototype X-45 arm which can carry more weight than a Gold arm .

They haven't update their website for a long time for GC Gold products so you won't get much information from there. I know they will be at Cinegear so try it yourself if you can make it.


Fly Safe!



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