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Stereoscopic Nano Rig

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Self builded Stereoscopic Nano Rig.


See Photos of making a making-of for a night-shooting here in munich.


First tests with this rig on a Steadicam SK


This was my first shoot using a real Steadicam. Normally have only a Glidecam 4000.




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Hi operator;


I don't know your name. . . you'll want to change that.


I didn't see much detail in the camera set up and it looks like a fine job done by all.


The only thing is would say it that your socketblock on the vest is on the wrong side. You should flip it over to the opposite side of the vest. Do everything else the same.


(Hey maybe its a new innovation.)




Good luck

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Hello Janice,


call me Martin. Sorry for bad english.


I am ashamed....


so you see, i´m not a operator, i´m a constructor.

The socketblock were mounted in front and the guy who give me this steadicam told me i have to mount this there.....


But there where no professional steadicam operator on the set and i had no problems to work with this. This was only a test, if my Rig can work on the steadicam.


Because, i have also a Steadidrive, and this system have the socketblock also in front.


The next time i will do my best to do it correct.


Thanks for your comment !

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You look as good as any operator I've seen, its a fine job as far as I can tell.


Congrats on the rig; like I said too bad we can't see any more detail of your work.



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