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Help uprading Quad 2702 firmware

Mark Schlicher

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I ordered the "field-upgradable" Anton Bauer firmware for my Quad 2702 charger. Looked like opening the case would be real easy (a screw on each side of the case) and I'm comfortable pulling and replacing chips.


But the case doesn't want to come apart, and I can't see where the hidden screws/clips/brackets might be that are preventing it from opening. I've reached my comfort zone limit when it comes to forcing the case, without some guidance.


Can someone walk me through the case opening? Thanks!

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They sent me the instructions with the chip. The jpg was a scan. Took around five mins total.


I reckon it would have taken an age to work out how to take the case apart without them (unless of course removing all the screws in one go)!

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I may be a little late in adding to this thread but here are some photo's showing which screws need to be removed.


For a full set of photo's showing the cover removal and chip location see:




Regards John


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