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Nicholas Davidoff

3-Ality TS-5 lightweight 3D rig

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wow that is alot of extra "boxes" !!!


My current rig I'm flying....Atom/Epic .....the accesories


-8m camin (3D lens control)

-Aja for genlock/sync

-Denecke for TC lock

-DECIMATOR for my monitor



thats it.


sounds like you have an additional 5-8lbs of boxes and cables on there....this makes the TS-5 alot less desirable I think...

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flying 3ality in Russia


We have a big Historical movie "Stalingrad" about WW2, and thy use three 3ality rigs small, mid and big... So small one is booking for steadi Job)

The most problem is Dynamic balance and Gimbal blocking by bottom camera. It is Red Epic rig with CarlZeiss UP, Focus/Irirs drives.

I use one 240IDX battery for the 3ality and top Epic and another 160IDX for bot Epic and Actionproducts HB monitor. It is good for 1,5 hour of flying.

I use the rotation ability of the Actioncam rods on full putting the titan rods on 45% with two independent SwapPacks. That's makes some possibility of Dynamic balance 8-)

Use full spring pack of RebelElit. I think that the weight of my sled with 3ality is about 34 kg

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