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24V batteries

chris fawcett

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Hi All,


My last 3 jobs were with Alexas that had a modified battery plate to accept 24V V-lock batteries, so to keep things light up top, I burned through my own supply of 12V batts. Trouble is that battery A on my sled was powering all the 12V stuff including the Codex, so was causing frequent battery changes. You know the deal. Anyway I made this plate to fit the lower dovetail of my sled. I took a standard 12V V-lock battery plate and adapted it so it would accept 24V V-locks, and not accept 12V V-locks. I'll add some details below for those of you that are interested. I have a 3-pin LEMO trailing from the plate that plugs into one of the sled power outs, connecting to ground and +24V. Here are some pics. Now my on-board batts just power the 12V line. Sorry, it's not anodised yet!




On a standard 12V plate, if we number the pins (shown in pic 4) as1 through 5, the pinouts are:


1 Ground

2 Charging

3 Unused

4 Unused

5 12V


On the plate modified for 24V, shown, the pinouts are:


1 Ground

2 Unused

3 24V

4 Charging

5 Pin absent


Hole 5 on the 24V batteries is blocked, so 24V batteries will not fit on a 12V plate. Correspondingly, the 24V plate has 2 protrusions, seen above (in pic 4), between pins 1+2 and after pin 4, so 24V batteries will not fit on a 12V plate. It wouldn't hurt to check my pinout specs listed above if you're going to make one. Obviously, you should disconnect the power tap on the plate.


It works well.


All the best,



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A bit late to this party, however.... after 3 hours of searching the internet for this exact piece of information, I have managed to make up a 24v So- XLR plate from the rig. Going to do some final tests tomorrow however the theory is there!


Thanks for this info Chris!



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