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Wolfgang Troescher


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Here I want to introduce myself - and hope I find the right words as I´m not a native speaker ;)


My name is Wolfgang and I´m living in Munich, Germany. When I was about 15 years old, I saw "The Shining" in cinema. When Danny drove with high speed over the carpets in the "Overlook Hotel" I thought: how the hell did they do this crazy shot??? Since I saw a steadicam the first time on tv, I was absolutely fascinated from this tool!


About one year ago, I bought a Glidecam Smooth Shooter, later upgraded to X-10. I practiced, practiced, practiced. After that I practiced again! I read the "Steadicam Operators Handbook" and learned so much from ist. After that, I practiced....


Well, I determinded, that the quality of the pictures is not so good as I wanted. So I decided to change to an original Steadicam. So I ordered a "Zephyr" - and this happend just yesterday! This is aboluteley not rational, as I am not an professional Steadicam Operator. It´s just hobby. But I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! :D


As you can imagene, I can´t stand waiting till MY Steadicam will be delivered.


As a non-prof I hope I will be acctepted here and I´m now proud to call me a "Steadicam Operator" ;)


Greetings from Munich


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