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Please check out my new HD-SDI wireless systems,for sales and rentals.

There is two model are available,HDMI and HD-SDI.

For more info,more high res. pictures and prices,please go to my web.




Made in Los Angeles.USA




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Seems interesting.


Is it one to one transmition like the Wevi or is it one to many like the Boxx or even a modulus SD?


When I feed the TX an SD signal does an HD or an SD signal come out the other end?


Have any Steadicam Operators field tested this yet?



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From the specs and the look of the front of the monitor, I'll wager it's the 800 nit 7" Marshall. Squinting at the picture to try to read the labels, it appears there are HD-SDI outs (maybe two) and an HDMI out on the back. Correct? If so, you could just loop out to a big video village monitor.


EDIT: just checked the website, there are two SDI outs.


This looks like a sturdy and well-thought out unit. Again from the specs, it sounds very much like a re-housed, re-engineered Asus wicast or other Amimon chipset-based unit.

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I am working on Transmitter/Receiver setup now.

And i will post on this forum as soon as i have good news.

And now,the handheld monitor/receiver comes with Anto Bauer

battery plate


Thank you all


Very excited to see the new transmitter/receiver combo when it's done. Check your pm's.

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