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Polaroid 600 w/Mamiya 127mm MINT CONDITION/LIKE NEW

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I am the original owner and purchased this camera brand new in sealed box about 7 yrs ago. I have the printed factory owners manual. It was only used a few times and has been packed in my case for the past few years. Under 10 rolls have gone through this camera. Condition is pristine. Shipping case included. Yours for $495 OBO.


The Polaroid 600 and Polaroid 600 SE are the "flagship" professional cameras of Polaroid's range, based on the Mamiya Press and using Mamiya lenses that produce very crisp images. The difference between the 600 and the 600 SE is that the 600 has a fixed 127mm Mamiya lens, while the 600 SE has interchangeable lenses.




Variable aperture and shutter settings: Enables better stop- action and depth-of-field


Bright-image coincidence type rangefinder: Ensures sharp focus and accurate framing


Sturdy handgrip with adjustable handstrap: Simplifies handling and operation


Comes with standard Mamiya 127mm f/4.7 lens ~ produces incredible crisp, full-range images


Other coated, color-corrected lenses available (600 SE - see below)




Shutter: 1/500-B with X-synch for flash


Flash: Uses conventional flash with X-synch


Interchangeable backs for flexibility


Diecast aluminum body (super sturdy)


The lense is fully coated and color corrected with a shutter that allows full exposure control with a wide range of shutter speed /aperture combinations. The Shutter is synchronized for electronic flash. The removable pack film holder accommodates the Polaroid and Fuji Type 100.


See original factory manual here:



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