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ActionCam in Action

Justin R Goff

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Check out our ActionCam in action! Here Luke Rocheleau uses our ActionCam RebelPro to shoot the music video for LMFAO's "Champagne Showers."





See Luke in action with the ActionCam in this behind the scenes peak!


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A very extraordinary "steadYcam" work.


The ActionCam shots are worth to learn for all of Steadicam operators:

(Jerry should rewrite his handbook)

- Starting with an unlocked shot.

- Wobbling effect creates "watching-on-boat" effect.

- Rolling horizon adds more flavor to the mood of the music.


I need to relearn!

Tiffens, PRO, XCS op should rethink about their equipment.


Ken Nguyen.

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Hi Ken...don't you think you are being just too arrogant???


There is no "steadYcam" work...and the big problem is that there is NO steadicam work in this video!!!...You could say that this was handheld,dolly,crane...the uniqueness of steadicam is duration of shots,not 2-3" cuts with strobe/tremble filters flying around...so get a grip and land on the ground man!


You can't be aggresive to get compliments,you humbly wait for them...if they ever come!!


And show some respect to the companies and operators who have been around and worked hard to earn their reputation and quality...

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