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Billy Green

Betz Top Stage or Pro DB-3?

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I've never flown a Betz or a DBIII.  

What I find interesting are the different opinions on how "solid" different ops describe the Betz.  

Some say it's super solid, and zero vibration, while others describe it as the opposite.   If some operators are experiencing vibration what advice would you give to troubleshoot it?


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That’s a really cool mod for sure. How is the safety mechanism on that topstage? I have never used a Betz, only have the wave which is unfortunately missing any kind of safety — dont tug cables while in low mode!

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Hi folks... on the top stage there is a little Red safety tab....where you almost need two hands in order to unlatch the plate. This is a part that I wish was on the wave as well but being that the wave latching mechanism is almost cradled inside of the two arcs I feel a little safer with that one and I was very happy to see the safety mechanism on the top stage when I got it. I'll send you guys short video clip of it tomorrow.

I too had heard some folks saying it was vibration-free and other folks saying that there were vibrations and then I heard that they made some improvements to the bottom of the stage last year to address those concerns. The bottom of my top stage is just a little different than the bottom of others that I have seen for sale.

I have used it for 6 days of operating since receiving it in the last 3 weeks and it's great. I have not done a running shot with it yet though and that's the true test for me. 

The rods that come with it are just a little bit long for me but the threading is very similar to other branded screw in rods so I will take it to a machinist for them to tell me the pitch and thread count to see if I can find a less expensive alternative to the rods so I can buy another set and chop them down to the right length. I would do it to the ones that I already have but I rather keep them as an alternative in case I need the length later on.


I have a db2 and a db3 both with the optical support front rods and I'll keep at least one of those until I'm certain that I love it and until I have the modification done by David Hable..

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