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i've been flying the ultra from a rental house for a while and had gotten pretty spoiled by the simplicity of one brick on the sled...


...but now i'm starting to fly an artemis which uses the three brick system. the rental house (different from the one with the ultra) bought some chinese 14.4v v-lock li-on batteries. but when fully charged, they're really 16v. combined to give 24, they're really giving 32v which is more than the sr3 can handle. and when we tried hooking up the 435, we had no problems with power to the camera, but couldn't get the tap to work as the voltage was too hot.


any ideas on how to solve this problem? are there 12v v-lock batteries in the market? and for those with proformers or hytron 50's, when fully charged are you getting 14.4 or above?


the other odd thing about the artemis donkey box is that even when hooked up to both bricks, we get 24v (in reality 32) only through the camera power. all the accessory ports read 12 (15v). currently the rental house hasn't bought a wireless focus system, but aren't most systems 24v? and what about wireless video? the box has two ports for camera power, but i don't know if there are amperage issues with running everything off the cam power port.



jake pollock

taipei, taiwan

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The Ultra sled will also give you 30 to 31 volts when fresh off the charger. I've got one of James Bartell's excellent ICBM meters built in to my rig and I expect to this reading if the battery is fully charged.


I?m surprised that the SRlll had a problem as the acceptable input voltages, as stated in the manual, are 20 ? 32v. With the 435 it?s 20.6-35v (1-130fps) and 24-35v (130-150fps). It might be that the problem lies elseware.


Hope this helps.



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I agree with Paul. I use Anton Bauer (one Hytron 120 and a Performer) and hot off the charger, they are way over 14 (the Hytron can even hit 17 until you put any kind of load on it). In my experience, Arri 24 Volt cameras like it hot; it is older 12V cameras that you have to be careful of (with a single 14.4 brick).


As for your AKS ports, this is normal too. Bartech is 12 Volts; Preston is either.


Good luck.

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Hi Jake,


I own one Artemis and use Hytron 50's . Yes you get 31-32 volts out of the sled but it never caused me problems with either the 435 or SR3. The only camera I would be carefull is the Moviecam , the fuse blows around 32-33 volts. But, this 32-31 volts will last only a few minutes and as soon as all the AKS are on (follow focus, video sender...) You will surely get more like 29-30 volts under load. The video tap problem I have never encountered (And I use the IV-S and the older CEI) on the SR3.

Yes every port for AKS will supply 12v even in 24V mode. That is simply because most AKS run on 12v and today, most senders and Follow focus like Scorpio run on both 12 to 30 volts.

And for the second power out, very useful in 12v mode to power an HD camera and down converter. I have had some amp problems but took care of them by putting one Hytron 120 at the bottom of the sled. Weight and power enough for the HDW900 and downconverter.

One problem I had was to start a 435 with two Hytron 50. Problem is solved , I now use 4 Hytron 50 (2+2 in series) . This gives me just enough weight at the bottom of the sled and can run a 435 at 150FPS with no problem. And at regular speed, I will change batteries once a day. That is one modification I am very happy about.

I will post pictures of the modification soon on my web site if anyone else is interested . I am waiting for a part from my machinist to take the pictures.


Fly safe

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