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Ramon Engle

Gyro Cozy

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Just bought a set of these



The are made to protect the gyro form wear and tear but I'm going to add a little extra foam to help reduce noise.


I'll post my results later.





I used a barney on gyros once and burnt out the bearings. Be aware that the surface of the gyros need to be exposed for heat transfer to occur.

It might wind up being really expensive.

If the sound mixer has a problem with noise get him noise cancelling headphones :)

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Hi Sanjay. Tom, the manufacturer me the same thing. I'm working on a fix.




Usually when you need them, sound is not a big issue (outdoors, vehicle etc.)


I know an operator who made a bag that filled with dry ice that slipped over the gyros, but that was more to keep them cool than as a sound barney.

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