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Alex Kolb

I'm Back!

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Hello operators,


For those of you who have been on the forum for a while, you might remember me. Over the summer I was rather active in the forum, until I made the decision to leave after a few debates got a bit too heated.


First off, I'd like to apologize to the senior operators who I found myself arguing with. I was hopelessly in love with MK-V, and wasn't willing to accept the advice of other operators who had first-hand experience that contradicted what I had been told about the quality of the rigs. This was a huge mistake on my part, and after sitting back for a while and watching as a third-person in following MK-V related topics, I realized the error of my ways.


I also admit that I became somewhat dependent on the advice of people of the forum. At the time I had very little steadicam work, and occupied my time on the forum, much to the annoyance of some other members. Thankfully, Janice Arthur was willing to give me the gentle yet appropriate bump out of the nest that got me going in my actual work. For that I am very grateful.


In the months following, I've become very active as a steadicam operator, and though I am still planning to seek further education in television and a steadicam workshop before I call it my "career", I feel I have enough practical experience to return and contribute to the forum.


Thanks again to the members of the forum that pushed me in the right direction, I am proud to think that with a little more work I will be able to call you colleagues.




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I am thrilled you are back.


Great to hear you have been working and learned what seems like a lot.


We, the older ops, love to hear that the newer guys/gals are here to carry forward the "culture".


If I was helpful boy what a miracle and glad to hear.


Well I've got news for you you're already a colleagues.


Tell us what you know and we'll all be smarter.


Jim Bartell is buying you the first beer and I'll buy the second.



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Thanks for the welcome Janice!


Wow, the second I get signed up on the forum again, I hardly have any time to post! I'm really glad to be working so much though, and I hope I'll be running into some ops on here soon.


Happy flying

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