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Chris Poynton

Lumbar massage machines/rollers

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I was recently given a lumbar cushion which has a 240 volt 2-speed motor with rotating nodes like giant thumbs. It has freed up my back like nothing else!! (Similar to photo below) It is absolutely incredible to lie on, either as warm-up or warm-down, or even during the shooting day. It just rips into the deepest lumbar like a knife through butter. Can use on other parts of back, sciatic, neck, etc with caution!


I thought the cushion was a piece of 1970's flotsam (mainly due to orange fabric covering!) but they are still out there. They are referred to as "kneading"-type lumbar shiatsu massage machines, and look to go for $60-100 retail although I could not find a ready source on ebay or amazon.


Alternatively, there is the low tech lumbar roller which looks like a "knobbly dumbell" type which looks to retail for $30+.


Does anyone use these type devices? I really hope they can bring some relief, as I now swear by mine.


Alternatively again, as Sean Connery whispered into the ear of the health spa nurse in Never Say Never Again, "You know, there is a more beneficial therapy for a man's lower back" ...





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