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Landau/Filmtools/Backstage steadi-cart

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Ron - Fun indeed. Actually the top shelf of the Backstage cart is about 3" shorter then the yeager jr. and its bottom shelf, though longer then the yeager overall, gains it's extra room under where your sled would dock so this limits what you can put there. I usually use it as a space for my gym bag that I fill with extra shoes/shirts/socks/rain gear/etc.


Grayson - Love the velvet rope! It's classy and gets the point across.


Will - Yes the power options are a blessing and a curse. I've often charged a Producer's phone off of it.

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So, after much deliberation.....I ended up sticking with the original Magliner Junior steadicam Cart, as cool as I thought the other one was, the shinbuster handle and overall size put me off a bit, plus I like having somewhere for the AC or me to hang a Floorbag, railing to attach magic arms and things too, which resulted in me just deciding to go for a Junior.

The order is placed and in around 2 weeks I should be picking up my nice shiny new cart :)

Grabbed myself one of those clip on holders for my american stand also.

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