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26V V-mount batteries

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hey boys and girls,


on the movie I am doing now we are using an alexa 26v with a codex,cmotion,boxx meridian

and I thought this was a little much powering this from the 2 powercubes


so I put a 26v battery plate on the bottom of my ultra2 so I could put the camera battery on the bottom

bud for a ultra2 this not easy.from the moment I did this my electronics were a bit confused


after I had to do reload on the 26v battery the codex did not want to power up every time....I ended up

putting back the battery on the alexa.


after this movie my rig is going back and see if there is a solution.....


so I think I am saying DO NOT TRY THIS ON A ULTRA2


best mike

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The XCS Ultimate 2 is the only rig that is currently factory ready for 26 V batteries....The U1 can be rewired to work with 26V batts......but you will loose some features.....


And what features will be lost?


please contact Greg Bubb directly as this is a bit more complex....

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