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Flyer Arm Mod to use with Standard Sleds and vests

Osvaldo Silvera SOC

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Hi folks,


many of you have seen Charles nimblecam, one of the arms he used was a modified Flyer arm, where standard Arm posts can be used and at the other end of the arm is a standard size male socket block.


The arm with Mods allows you to operate very light cameras without the extra weight of a regular arm.

Another benefit is if your starting out and only fly lighter cameras but still want to eventually get a full size rig. you can have a standard vest and regular size sled/gimbal and use this arm, which when you price out the arm, the male socket block and the mods is still thousands less than a used 3A.


My question is this...

is anyone interested in getting the parts necessary to convert their flyer arm to use Standard Arm posts and work on a regular full size vest?



The parts needed would be the entire front assembly which would attach with two bolts and would hold any length Arm post and you'd have control of the friction or (power steering) and on the Vest mating section, You would unscrew the two adjustments knurled knobs, have a friend press the male pin out of that assembly, and then attach a small mating part between your pin bracket and your full size socket block....I am prepping a machine shop to make a run of the required parts except for the male socket block, that's on you.


So...Any interest?


I believe it may also work on several other small pin arms, I will be checking on another couple of arms ( Zephyr and Pilot) in a week or so, but for now, Email me if your interested.

As for price I literally have no clue,Once I give the machinist an idea of quantity, he will give me a price. It will be done on a CNC machine, tumbeled for smoothness, polished, then anodized in black.







Email me if you have an interest.

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Just to clarify--these mods are entirely non-destructive to the original arm and you can convert it back and forth between the original socket block and armpost assembly to the full-size versions in 5 minutes, or vice-versa.

I'm interested in this too but as Charles said would you be able to revert back to the original socket block? I'm also interested in know where I can get a larger flyer arm post? I'm a short operator and was looking for a longer post.

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