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Ari Gertler


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PRO-GPI Full Steadicam package

This is a complete steadicam package for sale. It has been very well cared for and maintained. All of the items are in great working condition and physical shape. Unfortunately due to a sports injury I will have to sell my entire Steadicam package. It really does include almost everything that a newbie or a veteran could possibly need.

Photos will follow shortly.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Located in Los Angeles



DB II Top-Stage

Upper Junction II


Pro VZ gimbal (new bearings)

Lower Junction II

Battery Module II

TB-6 monitor with dual frame line and Digital Level, XCS dual rod arm (2- power cables)

Pro Arm with 8 canisters (case, tools and extra parts)

Pro Vest (extra parts)


2- BFD focus systems (4- cables, Extra antenna, marking strips and marking dial discs)

1- M-One motor (all pitch wheels, mounting bracket, 2- motor cables)

2- FMG.6 motors (all pitch wheels, mounting bracket, 3- motor cables)


2- Anton Bauer dual chargers (one with DDM)

7- Hytron 50 (used)

6- Proformer (used)


AJA HD downconverter (HD10MD3) (sled power cable, AC power cable)

Modulus 3000 (cosmetic damage) (2- power cables, 2- antennas 2- attenuators)

CIT DX-400 Diversity tuner (power cable)

2- CIT shark fin Antennas

2- Casio 4” hand held LCD monitors (plus 2 hoodman’s)

7” Panasonic color LCD with Anton Bauer gold mount bracket (extra rig monitor)


GPI-Pro accessories:

All of the original tools and extra parts for all GPI items are included

On-board Recorder mount

3 Battery blocks

5- Camera plates (2-Arri, 2-Pana, 1-long lens)

2- Motor rods

4- Gimbal posts (4”, 6”, 8”, 12”)

2- Post clamps

2- Wrap grips (5”, 2 1/2”)

8- Mounting screws

Original non-VZ gimbal parts



Hill balance bracket with Gorelock dock (2 docking rings)

Hard mount kit (with socket block)

Hill Arri iris rod mount

Hill 2 in 1 motor mount

Hill Pana bracket

6- Hill square to round rods (2- 7”, 2- 5”, 2- 3 1/2”)

3- Dogleg rod supports (1-short, 2-long)

2- D brackets (Cinewidgets angled D, standard)

2- BFD mounting brackets

1- Sled-BFD mounting bracket

Jerry Hill Low Mode brackets (Arri 435, Arri SR16 with iris mount, Moviecam compact/SL)

Video low mode handle clamp


Sony VCT-14 quick release low profile mounting plate

Precision Camera Arri eyepiece video tap and Watec CCD camera (with cables)

Ch. 69 video sender (back-up)


Arm rain/dust cover

Lens control rain cover

Monitor rain cover

Battery mount rain cover

Standby cover (rig and stand)



2- Panavision camera power

2- Panavision Alt camera power

2- Arri 12v camera power

2- Arri HRS camera power

2- Arri 24v camera power

1- Red camera power

2- Moviecam camera power

2- Arri run/stop

2- Pana run/stop

1- Pana acc. power

2- Sony video direct

2- Sony run/stop

1- Aaton run/stop

Pro camera power jumper

Pro camera/Aux power jumper


7- Super thin BNC: 4’, 20”, 16”, 12” (3), 6”.

1- Lightweight Flex BNC: 25’

3- Thin BNC: 36” (2), 22”

4- BNC: 35’, 25’, 20’, 2’


AB gold mount -to- XLR 8”

AB gold mount -to- generic power

BFD power -to- AB powertap

BFD power -to- XLR

Modulus power -to- XLR


Pro sled video -to- video and power for onboard recorder

Pro sled video -to- RCA and mini power (alt on board recorder)

2- XLR-XLR 6’


American Steadicam Stand (with removable wheels)

Steadicam stand (second stand)

Pro-Gear docking bracket and collar (for second stand)

2- lead weight bags

Practice weight cage


Magliner jr camera cart (1-shelf, 8" upgraded wheels)

3- Anvil cases: Sled, Vest & Arm, Battery

3- Pelican cases (1650, 1520)

3-Miscellaneous black plastic cases

Numerous small parts bags and boxes fully loaded with spare/extra parts, video connectors, hardware, tools etc.


$52,000.00 For EVERYTHING

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