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Pedro Guimaraes SOC

Tested the new BX4 beamsplitter...full review.

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Hi guys,


Spent the last few days testing out new steadicam friendly 3D rigs.


One of the best was the new BX4 from 21st Century 3D.




Jason Goodman was nice enough to invite me out to check out thier new rig.


11 lbs. is a good place to start! Final ready to shoot weight with Epic's and red zooms (comprable weight to ultra primes) was 58lbs....quite an improvement from other setups at 70lbs+


read the article on my blog for a full review.

My link


and check out the video and see for yourself.



on vimeo




On a side note, my segway and 8motor Cmotion is available for rent separately.



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Hello everyone, of course I am not an operator but steadicam is very important to me and to 3D. The motion parallax afforded by a floating dynamic camera is critical to enhancing 3D realism and the 3D effect without over driving parallax values. I'd like to invite any members of this forum to come to 21st Century 3D in Hollywood or NYC and try out BX4 first hand on your own sled. We feel it is a true breakthrough in lightweight, high performance, full featured 3D rig development that is currently unmatched in the industry.


Jason Goodman


21st Century 3D

New York / Los Angeles



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