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Pedro Guimaraes SOC

New ScreenPlane Steadicam 3D rig tested. "steady-flex"

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Last week I tested a few new to market "lighter" 3D rigs on my steadicam.


The BX4 was amazing for essentially a full size rig! (large mirror box, zoom lens capable etc...)


ScreenPlane has designed a steadicam specific rig called the "Steady-flex"




I had first seen the rig at NAB a few years ago in it's prototype stage. Finally it is in LA and ready to rent and purchase. Which means we might seeing it on set soon.


So I went over to Camadeus and spent an afternoon checking out the rig in a ready to shoot configuration. having just finished a 3D gig with Randy Nolen he asked to stop by and also check it out. He Brought along Rick Drapkin who was also curious.


Ready to shoot with EPIC and UltraPrime LDS lenses it was an amazing 52lbs!! .... that's total sled weight.


No gimbal clearance issues and first rig I have been able to dynamically balance. Also no "stuff" hanging off the back of the rig. Really compact configuration!


The next project with alot of 3D steadicam I know what I will be asking for...


Click on the link for the full review....




It has built in lens and rig control (courtesy of CMOTION)




I also did a video blog about the review. Watch the video here



or on vimeo






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