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Chris Poynton

McConkey's work on Scorsese's 3D "Hugo"

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I was just watching the video of Chris and Larry playing with the segway -- oy is that a killer offset/d/f bracket or what?! With a load that heavy back mounted with that offset I bet George Paddock could feel a disturbance in the force all the way in LA!


Excellent work as always and if you have ever been around Larry you know he is a great human as well. Listening to him huff and puff after the take makes me glad I haven't had the "pleasure" to shoot with a 55+ lb camera. I remember when we used to bitch and moan about the pana g2 conversion which was 40 lbs!

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I finally got the chance to see this shot and WOW! Very amazing and impressive! Interesting to hear the cues for actions in the audio of the footage too. p.s. those boom ops were equally impressive! through doors and around the chandelier! All in all great!

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