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John Ritter

Heads Up for V-Mount plates

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Just thought I would pass on an observation that seems to be trending this year,


For all who use V-Mount batteries I have noticed that pin wear has been an issue with V-mount systems.


So far this year I have traced 6 battery issues down to worn V-mount plates or to be more precise it is the positive and negative pins.


Check your battery female contacts for signs of heat damage/melting you will be able to actually see it as the plastic will bubble

or deform around the contacts.


If you notice this occurring either change out the plate or send it back for pin replacement.


Also if you are filming in or around water, especially salt water it is a good idea to coat the contacts with conductive grease,

water corrosion will usually show as a green fuzzy film on the copper contacts. (had 9 of these come in)


Thought I would mention this as I am looking at 7 RED Brick batteries all with damaged contacts..............


Regards John Ritter

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That is definitely the biggest problem with V-Mounts! I've never seen this problem with Anton/Bauer. Has anyone had this issue with A/B Plates?



Never! I think that AB was and still is on the right track with their Gold Mount design. All of my so far seven sleds were AB and no trouble whatsoever... okay the wobble... but a couple of strips of velcro and they are sitting better then any V-Mount... And John... RED? What can I say.


Fly safe,



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