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I had a fun day today


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Awesome work Job! Great bts.


I love how the youtube comments are about "Wow, nuts.  How is he able to keep focus?"


Really? Because pulling off a shot like this while holding perfect framing is easy, but man how did he pull focus?



Thx for the comments. Yes, youtube, weird questions. I made it more private now, so i hope that prevents the stupid questions.


I did get a nice picture somebody made with his phone. Nice scenery of Amsterdam


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Cool, Fun stuff Job . . . . .!!!


I was lined up to do that on the Indianapolis 500, high wide, then into a walk all the way down the cars lined up at the starting line into the announcer, unfortunately they pulled the plug a week out . . . . . . Bummer. Hopefully one day I'll get to play like that



Stuff looks great

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