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Sony V-Mount VCT-14 Lightweight aluminum dovetail plate

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i got a couple of V-Mount style Sony dovetail plates for broadcast cameras.


they are really great when trying to keep the rig light. You save about 2-3lbs compared with the regular v-lock plates and also they are a way more solid connection to the camera than regular plates! no vibrations or shaking or flex at all!

you can use them directly as a dovetail on your top stage (modifications for efp style topstages are also available) and they come with 15mm focus rods for direct attachement.




here is the official link:

http://shop.strato.d... V-mount Plate"


(attention, the plates which are sold here are slightly different in construction (see pictures))


the regular price is 725,90 Euro (including 19% VAT).

sold here for 250 Euro (including 19% VAT)


located in Dortmund, Germany


pm or email me: KameraJaeger@gmx.de









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some faq:


foccus rods and 3/8" screw is included.

210 Euro without VAT for EU people with valid VAT-Number.


i have no experiences with the Alexa on that plate. But if the WA-1 turns the Alexa into a regular broadcaststyle base (which would also fit on any regular v-mount plates (vct-14 whatever...)) it should work!

i tried to call the manufacturer, but he is already out of office. I will try again tomorrow.

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just got feedback from the manufacturer.

It works with the Alexa and on every industry standard top stage.

on some topstages is a safety pin for preventing the dovetail from sliding out. If that is the case, u need to mill off 1.2mm from the right side. it can be done at every metal workshop around the corner...

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Hey Jameson,

yes, archer2 is working with these plates.


But the last plates are just gone... (if the guys pay their bill.. so, it's quite possible that comes a plate available again)


furthermore i will check if i can get another stack of these plates.

stay tuned!



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ok here are the news.

there is no special offer stock available anymore.

but you can order the new generation of these plates.


The advantages compared to the 'old - special offer' version are:


- moveable 3/8" thread for mounting the dovetail on top of any plate (the plate is very light so it also makes sense on cranes, weak tripods or whatever)

- moveable pin for pulling down the camera at the rear end (at the old version that pin was not moveable)

- even a little bit lighter than the old version



Selling at 610 Euro before 19% VAT.

(EU customers with a VAT-ID and customers from outside the EU don't have to pay the VAT)

insured shipping with tracking id: 17 Euro


i know, that's way more expensive than the special offer plates. ...but it is real quality stuff and will never let you down. ..compatible to all broadcast cameras, arri alexa and all future cameras which are using that sony industry standard.


accepting orders now :)


please mail to: info@kameraverleih-dortmund.de



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