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gloves, cold weather

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There's a cold weather trick I adopted a few years ago while on a feature in December with mostly night exteriors in Michigan. I wear a wristband with a hand or toe warmer tucked into the wristband under my palm. The heat warms the blood going to your fingers, and allows for gloveless operating under much colder conditions than without. I will throw a glove on until the last minute on my post hand, and of course can leave a glove on the gimbal hand. I go to the North Face thin gloves if it's colder than that.


I need to move to a warmer climate :-).

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It doesnt get that cold out here, but I just grabbed a couple of pairs of Setwear gloves last time i was in the states.

Got 1 pair of fingerless and 1 pair of full fingered (not the leather ones). Have used them in the cold, and

carrying cases, and they're great! Haven't used them with Steadicam as yet.

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Is anyone wrapping their gimbal with some tennis racket grip or similar to avoid touching the freezing metal?


I put some on about two years ago when it wAs really cold here in Germany and have left it on since. Helps a ton.

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