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The Geo arms

Mikko Wilson

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This G-50 sounds amazing!


So do you think it would carry a 535B with 100 % top and steadimags? Considering its maximum weight range is the equivilant to a 3A with black springs .


8000 dollars! I am calling tiffen on monday to find out. This is very exciting! It looks nice and simple.


I assume its ISO-Elactic ajusmtent changes the angle of leverage that the springs Come from, essentialy de-tuning it and making it more centre weighted. Perfect for vehicle mounts and the like.


WoW... I love the idea of this, but is it strong enough to do the kind of work I aspire to? It will certainly do my bread and butter, SR3 s and digibeta with ease. . . . . .

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After some internet trawling.... I suspect it might


24lbs for 535B + 100pc top + steadimags

5 lbs for cook S4 lens

2lbs for stock

1 lbs lmb-5

1 lbs for FF motor/s


total 33lbs


I am not sure how much my mk-v /lcd monitor + 2 nicad pags weighs but a master elite weighs 20 lbs (with battery)


so thats a total of 53 lbs . So on my sled it might just break even. No room for gyros though!



Looking at other figures, In a previous post Erwin estimated a fully loaded and running 435 at 21 lbs - easy.


I am sorry Jim for my lack of correct grammer........ colloquial internet and all that. I actually wrote a letter for the first time in about 10 years yesterday! Only because his phone did not work and he was too old to use the net. I shan t suppose ill be doing again.



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My first arm was a black spring arm with my model 2 and I had the same arm when I got my 3a sled. The black springs could accommodate 51 pounds and while I found I could put a Moviecam Compact of them, I did eventually put in gold springs because I found I needed more lift for real world situations. If you intend to do any 35mm work, you'll need more lift. True, many cameras come in within the 50 pounds, but you need to be prepared for added accessories, odd situations, etc. One day you'll show up on set and they will have gotten a full size Millennium instead of the XL, or the DP will want to use a ring light, or the primadonna twenty year old director wants to sit on the camera for the actor's eye-line.....


This does not mean the G-50 can't work for you; they offer different arms at different prices because operator's have different needs. I think its safe to assume it is only a matter of time before a heavier version of this arm is released to replace the existing Ultra arm if this new design is as good as people are saying. As for cost, my understanding is the $8000 is on the low end of the estimated retail price. I suspect it will be a bit more so that the jump in price between the G-50 and whatever comes next (G-65, G-70?) won't be so drastic (I can't imagine the "top of the line" arm being significantly cheaper than its predecessor or the competitions).


So, once again, I'm recommending patience, and an honest assessment of your equipment needs.

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Tried the new G arm out at NAB, GB said the springs in the one arm were slightly wrong? (because of last minute assembly) Well it would be tough to improve. The other arm with proper springs, saw in use so I came back the second day. I adjusted this one almost all the way down and flew the flyer with it. It still felt right. All of you know how your arm feels when adjusted to minimum load, the additional stiffness and just wrong feeling. Not so here, this still felt like it was in the middle of the weight range.


The ends of the boom range on the G arm are incredibly smooth. It is difficult to clunk into either end.


One other thing about the G arms beside the incredible boom range is the ability to dial in the amount of iso'elasticity you want. So us old guys that have always flown non isoelastic arms fm rig, cp, wh, mkiv, or pro can make the arm feel more like the arms we are used to. To me the iso-elastic arm before this one, has always felt sorta dead. Finally!! the huge boom range, the ability to work the arm high or low with less effort combined in an arm that feels right.


Another thing when you pick the arm up off the hanger, with the bones hanging shut, your hand fits almost around the girth of it. You notice right away that it's really light. So your first impression is that maybe you are the 400 lb gorilla.


combining the cover and the bones in one beautiful piece of extrusion is also very

appealing to anyone who just loves great looking machinery.

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For those of you that weren't at NAB, Tiffen has released a new arm designed by Garrett called the G-50.


I'd like to share my thoughts on this new design, but must first preface them by letting anyone that reads this post know that I was asked by Garrett to post my HONEST thoughts on the new arm.


I stand to gain nothing from a postitive or negative review of the arm. So here it is...


The G-50 offers operators several features that you won't find on any other arm. First, its extremely light. This was acheived using extruded aluminum to build the articulating sections. I believe the arm weighs a total of 10lbs or so.


The arm also boasts a 32" boom range, without any added length (i actually think its shorter than the Ultra arm). This is 8" more than the Ultra/Master series arm. When you get in the rig...you immediately notice the difference. Its quite liberating.


The arm also has an operating load of 10 - 50lbs (iI think this is gross weight)...which means no more cages for lightweight camera!


However, probably the most impressive feature of this arm (which I think was given the least amount of attention at NAB) is the iso-elastic adjustment of the arm. Basically, you can tune the "ride" of the arm based upon the type of shot you are executing. So if you need silky smooth isolation...you got it. Or if you are executing a running shot and need the ride to be hard...you got it. I think this offers operators a whole new dimension of control.


Finally, the arm buffers you to the stop as you reach its extremes. I can't tell you how great this feature is. No more slamming at the top of bottom of your boom. The arm tells you that you are about to reach the end (with some increased tension)...and buffers you to a stop.


So, to say the least...I think its great...and its on my list to buy. I think its perfect for prosumer video, pro-video and lightweight film...and I believe there was talk at the show about a G-70 model. (I might hold out for the G70 since I am starting to work with heavier, and heavier loads).


If you have any questions...please email me.



Ben Semanoff


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The G-50 and the ProVid arm are night and day. Lots of friction in the ProVid arm...you won't see any of that in the G-50. No pulleys...one spring per section and thats it!


Good luck.



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i have use the flyer arm on the soa workshop 2 year ago ....all the guys where at that time crazzy to fly the big sleds (master film) and none was interested on fly a little sled with a video 8 mm camera on it ....but when u try the arm of that was like ....ok this is something new.....only one spring for section....something its not ok here ...haw came is much smoother //// later on the workshop jerry toll us that garret was working on a new arm ......

i still don know wi i did not still that arm ////////// i knew that something was going on on that thing....




ps ok it is time to make a new vest now that thing of the walter klassen vest with the thing on the front ....come on........ make a solid front and back vest that take the tension of the wait trow the vest to the back with out all that amount of carbonfiber ....

any question ask liz (yeap the one with the strange front vest)


again .....sorry for my english (like if u ever try to right on spanish come onnnn)

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Vale, intento escribir un poco de Español.


A mí tambien me encantan los pequños 'rigs,' y no intiendo muy bien porqué mucha gente prefere los pesados. Utilizo el 'Flyer, ' con ganas de comprar un Geo.


Todo lo de el 'vest,' no intiendo que quieres decir. Lo puedo traducir para tí?



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