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The Geo arms

Mikko Wilson

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Hi Lars,


You can try Walter Klassen as well. I know Jeremy Benning and Bryan Trieb had posts made for their PRO arms with Walter. Jeremy had his posts made so you could either use them with a Masters' sled or his own XCS. One end fit the Masters' and the other fit the XCS. Jeremy also had posts of different lengths made.


I'm sure its not a problem for Walter to make a long post for your G50. Walter's number is +1.416.778.7848. Shipping might be a little cheaper as we are a little closer to Norway than LA is. Failing that, maybe a local machinist in your home town?


good luck,


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Hey everyone...


thanks a lot for all the replies! Really appreciate it. Not a very big Steadicam community here in NOrway, it's just me and a 2-3 more guys who own a rig and isn't hired by the NRK. (Our version of BBC).


So I'm glad I've got you to help me out.


I'll call Robert and Walter tonight. Hope one of them can help me out.





I'll let you know what happens Richard.


Lars "gonna get higher" Erik

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Just spoke to Robert Luna. Walter said he didn't make posts.


Anyway, Robert will make me some long posts in different sizes.


So thanks a lot guys again. I am in our debt. If you ever come to Norway, I'll take you skiing or something or a trip on our famous fjords...


Be safe.



Lars "I know I'm getting higher now" Erik

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Hi Carl!


I'm back! I whish I could do that too! I'm getting my handsfree a little cheaper since I worked for Ulik in Vegas! But you're so right, it still is a shitload of f........ money!!I better get some jobs with the damn thing now so I can make a little money to feed my wife and kids!!There's not much left!!!


Guido" gotta win the lottery" Lux

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I don?t know if there is a Tiffen reseller in Sweden , ask on the tiffen.com to know that .

the price is near 9000 us $ without taxes , and it can be little up if you want titanium socket .

it's a great arm with unique features .

i can show you mine if you come in France .


Hello everyone.


Am looking for information about the G 50 arm. Such as price, sweet spots were I can get it ec.. ??????


It would be really nice if you could help me.

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