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Adjusting the Drag on Preston HU3 Handset Part 1

Twojay Dhillon

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1) Assemble tools. You will need a 1.27mm allen wrench (I went cheapo/Harbor Freight), a medium Phillips Head screwdriver/bit, a small Phillips Head screwdriver/bit, and maybe even a very thin and strong instrument to pry/encourage displacement; I used a razor-blade.


2) Remove any pre-marked or blank focus rings


3) Turn Handunit on its side so that the flatside of the focus knob is looking up at you SideplateFocusKnob_zps66d3bf9c.jpg


4) Remove the two Phillips Head screws using the small screwdriver/bit, and then remove these items. Try inverting the handunit so that the plate simply drops out of its slot. If this doesn't work, gently use the razor/similar device to slip between the plate and housing to pry it out.


5) This is what you will see when the plate is off. Pay special attention to the fact that there are 3 holes exposed with in the semi-circular slots at the top and bottom; This is where you'll be making your adjustment.


Also of special note is that large, silver Phillips head screw right in the center; This will most likely be loose -- right now -- but after desired drag is reached it should be quite tight.


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6) Loosen the Set Screws which are embedded in the rubber face of the Focus Knob using your 1.27mm allen wrench. There are two of these Set Screws on the Focus Knob. Both need to be loosened.



7) To adjust for INCREASED DRAG on the Focus Knob:


a) You will insert another allen wrench (I used the 2.5mm as it fit the holes very well) into the TOP SEMI-CIRCULAR SLOT, into the LEFT-MOST HOLE.

b.) Rotate the allen wrench CLOCKWISE all the way to the other side of the slot. This counts as ONE TURN as defined by PRESTON. Stock, from the factory, Handunits ship with 5 turns.

c) Re-tighten one of the set-screws on the circular side of the focus knob and give the focus knob a few turns. If additional drag is desired, loosen the set-screw and repeat steps a), b.), and c) until desired drag is reached.



8) Once desired drag-level is acquired and BOTH Set Screws have been tightened, MAKE SURE THAT YOU TIGHTEN DOWN ON THE LARGE CENTER PHILLIPS HEAD SCREW that you see in the picture above.


9) Replace the plate and small Phillips Head screws and you're done.

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