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Newbies put their reel up for critics so I though I do that too.

At the SOA website, the first part: some work I did on the "2 Brothers" movie.


Technical details:

CineAlta Panavised HD, 1:2.35, always with zoomlensen ((6-27) and fully Prestonized.

This was on my converted IIIa rig, HD Astro LCD


Location: Cambodia.


Forgot that URL:

here it is:



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Well I'll respond!

(oh how i hate dial up...)


Some really impressive stuff in there! I love the stuff in the war zone. Awsome shots!


But i think you reel is really long! I'd shorten out some stuff, especially from the "two brothers" bit.. i was (gladly) supprized to see something else pop up behind it. Maybe just some some shots from it to the end, just so teh otehr stuff get some show too.

I especially liked the shot in the jungle that stated as a lcok and then preded the couple weavign through the various trees and vines.

The first of the shots in the trenches looked hard! And when you dropped down the stairs ahead of the guy was really impressive, well matched to his ducking.


An Impressive reel over all, i'd just shorten it some or find a way to bring some of the later shots up to the front.


- Mikko

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Thanks for the response, guys. I will certainly make it much shorter, more focussing on a few good shots.


It was long because I converted my showreel-DVD to this stream-format and in the DVD it is easy to skip to the next chapter if you get bored with it.


Back to the edit-program now :)

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Thanks guys,


The movie with JJ Annaud was not shot on a viper but with Panavised Sony CineAlta 900


I don´t think the viper system was ready back then and of course everything was hardwired, no Venom Digimags!


JJA is a great director, with an extremely clear vision of what he wants to see, therefore extremely demanding on the crew and equipment!


I am grateful for this experience, but after 6 months in the jungle in this situation everything got a bit tense.....and not only for me!

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