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I'm putting my Scorpio Focus up for sale.

It's in very good conditions.

By to ServiceVision Barcelone (Spain) in 2009





  • Wireless digital lens control (Focus, Iris and Zoom) with information display (speed, total meters or feet counter, last take meters or feet counter, signal coverage indicator, low battery indicator, camera status ON/OFF and zoom position scales
  • 15 Communication chanels between 2.4GHz and 2.5GHz. Half Duplex Microwave between the hand unit and the motor driver box.
  • 1 Channel of communication by cable using RS485.
  • Input voltage in Motor Driver Box (MDB) from 11 to 30 V DC.
  • Standard 7.2 V NP-FM50 Sony batteries for hand unit.
  • The lens are automatically calibrated when connecting the power cable to the digital motor from the Motor Driver Box (MDB) as well as from the Hand Unit set menu.
  • The calibration remains saved on memory when disconnecting the equipment. This avoids any movement of the lens once the system is connected back, being very useful in situations like battery replacement.
  • External small zoom control can be connected to the Motor Driver Box (MDB) or to the Hand Unit for external zoom control.
  • Two Hand Units can be connected wireless in mode "Master-Slave" to separate the Focus, Iris and Zoom control.
  • Three power levels for the initial lens calibration and three levels for the motor movement, sselectable for each motor through the settings menu (Low, Medium and High).
  • Possibility to set limits to Focus, Iris or Zoom movements.
  • Run camera control from the hand Unit.
  • Brackets, gears, driver cables and power cables available for any camera and any lenses in the market.

is included:



1 Hand Unit FIZ

1 Motor driver Box

3 Motors 42V& 3 Brackets (+ 3 Rings 15mm + 3 Gold Rings 19mm)

Gears for : 1 Pana IRIS, Réf 5205 - 1 Pana ZOOM, Réf 5204 - 2 Canon Video M0,5 - Réf 5206 - 2 Iris Fuji M0,6 - Réf 5207 - 1 large M0,8 - Réf 5202

5 motors cables Scorpio 8 pin

1 Power cable ULTRA2 steadicam Lemo 3

1 Power cable Scorpio /ARRI 435 réf 5442

1 Power cable Scorpio /ARRI III, BL, SRI&2, ref 5420

1 Power cable Scorpio /XLR3

1 Power cable Scorpio /XLR4

1 driver cable ARRICAM, 435, 535, SRIII

1 driver cable ARRI 435, 535, SRIII, ref 5421

1 driver cable Movicam Fisch 3 + Fisher 5, ref 5425

1 driver cable pour caméras vidéo HD, ref 5427

1 driver cable Aaton

1 driver cable Panavision, ref 5422

1 Power cable Scorpio /SDX

1 sérial cable FIZ

11 white focus ring

1 Double Charger Sony

3 Batteries Sony



1 Hand Unit FIZ

1 ZOOM Control

2 ZOOM cables

2 Batteries Sony


Price : 15 000 €


my company STEADIRIDERS is located in Paris, France.

The shipping will be at your charge.





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Hi evrybody,

After 3 weeks online, and 215 views, is obvious that my price is a little to expansive for the market.

I understand also if you do not live in Europe, and especially in France, you have to add the shipping cost to your purchase.


So, if someone is really interested by the package, let me know your offer, and let see if we can found an arrangment.




Michel Rodas




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