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Tiffen Ultra sled for sale

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I'm selling a customized Steadicam Ultra 1 :


- 4 section telescoping Carbon Fiber Post (24-71")

- 12V/24V

- All No-Tools

- Tilt Head

- Frame Lines Generator

- 5" Green Screen 16:9 Monitor

Customized Extras:

- Extra direct HD line (HD SDI)
(additional tiny HD coaxial cable 75 Ohm inside the post. BNC connector on top and bottom of the sled.)

- Additional 2 wire cable inside the post
(Cinch connector on top and bottom of the sled. Could be exchanged to a Lemo or any other connector easely. I used it for Tally)

- V-mount Plate Modification
(The V-mount plate can easely be removed and it works with the original Ultra 24V batteries again, or you can exchange the V-mount to an AB plate)

- Adapter Plate for 24V with two batteries

- Modified Fracolizer system.
(It has a battery plate mounted. So you can attach a third battery on the bottom of the sled. The Fracolizer plate can be adjusted for and aft or being removed completely. It has a Lemo FHG.2B.303 connector which you can plug in the HS connector on the lower right side of the sled. The sled has a built in switch with which you can turn the third battery on or off thru the HS connector.

What will you get:

- Ultra 1 HD Sled with extra wiring and customized options

- 5" Ultra green screen CRT 16:9 monitor with CG-balanced monitor bracket and bubble (an LCD monitor can be replaced easely if you prefer the non-green way - I mostly used my Transvideo, see picture)

- Sled-to-Monitor cable

- Modified Fracolizer System

- Long Dovetail Camera Plate

- Ultra Dynamic Spin and Docking Bracket and two docking rings

- Docking Ring for the Hill Balancing Bracket (if you already using it or intend to do)

- Original sled hard case (with wheels)

Asking price is EUR 19'500 or USD 25'500

This sled is not a regular Ultra sled. It is more a regular Ultra sled with all the bells and whistles of today's needs added.

Everything is located in Zurich Switzerland. You can stop by and have a look at the rig anytime. You can pick it up or I will ship it anywhere (add shipping cost).


Thank you for your interest.





( Transvideo, Recorder, Batteries and ALEXA are NOT included! ;-) )

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