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Janice Arthur

Mickey balancing device, from Baer-Bel

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Hi all;


I've asked Markus from Baer-Bel to add whatever he can about his device since its gotten so much attention.


I'll start with;


How did you come up with the device?



Thanks, and we'd all love to hear about it.



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Hi Janice !

in the first years when i start building parts for Steadi... Op`s here in germany i often had the same discussion again and again about dynamic ballance. I could see that my customers allways had the same problem, the knew ther is thomting wrong with my sled, but can`t figer out what or wher.

Noone could tell if the spinning test goes wrong to this behavior, you have to drive the camera back and the baterys forwarts, or to push the monitor to one side.


I decide to cut the steadi... in the center of all weights into top and below the gimbal, now i remove all things over the gimbal to have only all weights from below the gimal, I clould build a tool wich shoes if all weights are in the center of the post, and it shoes wher you are missing some weigts.

If all masses below the gimbal are collected in the post center, you can mount the camera and all equipmant parts over the gimbal, and you will have a very good ballanced system, because you have to mount the parts allso in the center of the post. I have atached an demo Video of mickey.


The 98% Discussion,

Mickey can`t masure the distance differnts from the masses below the gimbal, Jerry Hollway`s Dynamic primer discribe the problem perfect. i will try to explain the problem without making to much words.

If the steadi.... dit not rotate, the mickey or anny other dynamic discussion is not needet.

But if the system starts spinning, you can`t level 100g batery on rearside with 50g monitor frontside and the doubel distance to the center. You have to calculate the torke wich every singel weight will produce in the middel of the Gimbal forke. To find out the Torke, you neede the weight, and the distance to the point wher the weights are turning around. Here we have to much unknown Thinks to praktis the 100% from Jerry`s Primer on each day and each setup.

My opinion is, Better have 98% in 2 minutes, than stepping in the dark.


More Brainwork arround this problem.

In real live you don´t spinn the Steadi... as on the Dynamic ballance spinning test, you may have an fast pan and stop, There we find new problems, the 4 seconds droppingtime have colected all weights in the center of the gimbal forke, but your hand is 1" below the center, no problem if you are softly dancing with your steadi... or make a Hard stop and go doing this with the gimbal joke, If mor movments are needet you will neede more controle with your second hand and get in trouble.


Special Offer for this discussion,

If you find 4 OP´s who like to test Mickey for a few days, i will send one over and pay for shipping and shipping back to germany.

to have perfect conditions, i neede the post diameter of all op`s to mount the mickey perfect the every on`s c-stand.

Shippingtime can be arround 10 days.


Best Regards

Markus Bernhardt




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