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BNC cable making kit?

Alan Rencher

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I recommend emailing markertek with questions about what you might need to make your own BNC. I don't work for them or anything, they are just super helpful. I started making BNC back when I was a focus puller and was building village carts and had a ton of wireless kits. If you're going to make more than 50 cables it's cheaper to make your own. Otherwise if you want to just buy really skinny (right angle) BNC just check out these.

There is a rabbit hole of info about coax and bnc connectors that is worth nerding out about if you're into that.

There are 3 basic factors when it comes to BNC. The center, the insulation, and the shield. There is a trade off in coax between Flexibility, Attenuation, Cable Strength, Diameter of Cable, and Propagation Delay. The general rule is the thinner the cable the quicker it will break and the shorter the run you can make.

Panavision makes mostly two types of BNC cables L-3CFW (5.8mm) 3G & L-2.5CHD (4.2mm) 3G.

Above Johnathan mentions that they make L-1.5C2VS (2.9mm) HD.

I'll break down what I use to make these cables. The Canare tools and customs dies are the most expensive way to go but they also make really reliable cables that last years. There are cheaper hardware store solutions as well which work. 


1 - Canare TS100u 5-In-1 Universal Coax Cable Stripper for Belden & Canare Cable

1 - Canare TC-1 Hand Crimp Tool without Die

1 - Platinum Tools Professional Electrician Scissors

1 - Die Set 

**1 - Soldering Iron & Solder if your center pin needs to be soldered 


Cable          >  BNC Crimp Plug >   Boot   >      Die

L-3CFW     >       BCP-B31F       >   CB04  >    TCD-451CA

L-2.5CHD  >     BCP-B25HD      >   CB02  >    TCD-35CA

L-1.5C2VS >       BCP-C1           >   CB01  >    TCD-1DB (solder pin)**


Here's a pretty good youtube I just found for how to make bnc:



Hope this helps!



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