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Chris Van Campen

Zephyr dynamic balance quick Mickey method

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Just a tip for Zephyr owners who are not using the bottom 1/4"x20 battery/accessory mount and who want to try the "Mickey" / 90 degree dynamic balancing method for getting the bottom half of the rig balanced:

Turns out the 1/4"x20 tap is coincident to the axis of the post (thanks Tiffen engineering!).

A short 1" or so 1/4x20 screw, bearing with 1/4" internal diameter, and a nut allows you to "do the Mickey" incredibly easily. The Zephyr lower post isn't round, so the external roller method isn't going to work...

Just screw 'em in there, and hold the post up by the bearing at 90 degrees as mentioned elsewhere. Top stage empty and centered. Spin, adjust, add weights as necessary.

Works like a charm!

Apologies if this is mentioned elsewhere... and not sure if other sleds have this particular mounting location as well.


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