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David Lee

Weight of Sled

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I apologize for not being able to post the weights this week. I should have known better than to try to pin myself down on a due date. Unforeseen bookings coupled with an insanely busy Post Office this week (April 15th is rapidly approaching - Tax return filing deadline for our non-U.S.A. folks) have conspired to make this an impossible task for this week.


I'll try for mid to late next week when I have a free moment... but no promises :unsure:

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Hi Erwin,


Do you ever find it hard to operate without having the telescoping post?


Hi Job,


I didn't answer that one didn't I...


My post is 21 inches long/tall. The design around the Ultimate is that you fly it neutral... the only time that I came very close to the top stage with my Gimbal was with a BL-4... I had to pay my rent... my food.... a whatever I helped out a friend and he neglected to tell me the Camera before hand... Okay?




I never find my self wanting to expand my post... most of the time I would like to be shorter. For instance with a Panaflex LW2 I'm about 6 to 7 inches away from the Top stage with the Gimbal... due to the fact that the weight at the bottom is way greater then it was with my PRO Lite.


I'm contemplaiting to get a 16 inch (for regular operating) that would be telescopic... (for Low mode)... and I have a SuperPost for the Reeaaallly low ones...






It has been done before... good luck keeping it up to date. I tried...


But check out:





Erwin "Memory works" Landau, SOC


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Ok this post is anchient, but fast forward to today...

I now own an XCS sled. Have had it a while actually.


Just today I finally took it to the post office to find the "real" weights:

I did not have it assembled. Instead we put each part on the postal scale individually:

XCS Ultimate S/n 38

LEH. 5lbs 9.8oz

Upper camera platform 1lb 7.3oz

Gimbal with ergo handle. 1lb 12.7 oz

Telescopic Center post 1lb 10.9 oz

Monitor bracket without spud 9.3 oz

Jerry Hill 2" docking rings 2.7 oz


So in theory my XCS without a dovetail nor monitor nor batteries is 12lbs and 4.7oz.

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