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Steadicam Operating Experience

George Simpson

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Hey Everyone,


First of all i want to just introduce myself. My name is George Simpson and I study Broadcast Operations at Ravensbourne University in London. Some operators may of heard of it. I am in my last year and graduate in June. I have a keen interest in camera stabilised systems and especially steadicams and i am hoping to find a job in that field when i graduate.


This is the main reason i joined the forum, to gain experience and ask a question regarding training.


At the end of each academic year we do a degree show, showcasing the talents of all the graduates, whether its broadcasting or fashion. This year, as i was graduating, i wanted to showcase my skills, and i thought the best way to do this was to operate a steadicam for the show. I went to BVE and spoke to Tiffen about possibly hiring us a steadicam and they are all up for loaning us one for the show. However, quiet rightly, they won't let me use one without any training. I have had a lot of use on the merlin, but nothing larger than that. We are hopefully looking into using the Zephyr for the show.


I am just wondering if anyone can help me with this situation. There aren't any Tiffen workshops from now till the show (June) and, as a student, have very little money to offer anyone for personal training. Would there be anyone who needs an assistant for a job where i can learn the techniques? Or give me a days training, i cant pay a lot, but i will certainly offer a beer and lunch!


I understand i am probably asking a lot, but this line of work is what i want to pursue in the future. So any advice or training would be most welcome!


Thanks again




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