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ULTRA2cine System Package Includes :


Hard Case for Sled :
4 section Carbon Fiber Composite Telescoping Post with range from 28 “ to 71” ( 71cm to 180 cm )
Jerry Hill docking bracket Gorelock Auto Dock with extending Dynamic Balance post
Newly engineered low-friction Gimbal with “Blue Whale” tool for precision adjustment
Long Dovetail Plate

Short Dovetail Plate (low mode)
No Tools Tilt Head
1/4 “ T-handled Allen Wrench
8" Ultrabright2 HD Monitor

Motorized stage

Gimbal Transmitter

Charge Cable, Gimbal Transmitter
Battery Mount - V-Mount

3’ lightweight BNC video cable

12V Power Cable

24V Power Cable

Power Cable Red

Power/Video cables for monitor (+ 1 back-up)

Power Cable Moviecam

Power Cable Panavision

Power Cable Millenium xl

Power Cable Arri 24V

Steadicam Dovetail plate Support rod

2 x 15mm Motor Rod


2 x Screw, 3/8-16

Steadicam Operator's Handbook



Hard Case for Vest & Arm :

Cordura bag for Vest & Arm
Ultra Vest with steel connector
G-70X Iso-Elastic arm with No-Tools Ride and Lift adjustability. Lifting range from 12 – 70 lbs ( 5.4 kg – 31.7 kg )

Gimbal Post,

Gimbal Post, 12", G-70 ARM

Ultra Arm Protective Covers, Dual Section

Ultra Bottom Sled & Battery Protective Covers

Vehicule mount, MIitchel-base - Socket Block


Hard case battery :

6 x Power Cube battery

Charger IDX VL-4S

Cover set

1 Hill Pana Bracket

1 Hill 2-n-1 Motor mount, with SR5", 15mm Rod

1 6mm I.D. to 3/8-16" O.D. Thread Apaptor

1 Arri Dovetail Rod Clamp

1 Square to Round 15mm, 3.5" long Iris Rod

1 Square to Round 15mm, 7" long Iris Rod


EFP Instructional video,


30.000,00 €


Michel Rodas


Paris, France








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I bought this steadicam package from Steadiriders / Michel Rodas.


Unfortunately what I received was not quite what was advertised. Pieces of the package were missing. The arm had broken parts, stripped threads and actually was a G70 - not the newer G70x.


The seller was very unhelpful in trying to resolve the issue. He promised a partial refund but never made good on his promise and apparently thought that just not responding to me anymore would make the issue go away.


I am currently in the process of talking to lawyers to sue Steadiriders for fraud and wire fraud.


Future buyers be warned.

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The last three years I sold my six steadicams and my three remote controls to different operators around the world, and I've never had a bad return or a disagreeable remark. I even kept in touch with some of them. I am dumbfounded by such bad faith and lies, this is some evil people who absolutely wants to hurt me for reasons ill. He has the nerve to talk about fraud when he acquired a very good package well below its estimated value, and not content with that he asked me repeatedly lying and being an accomplice to defraud U.S. customs, that I finally accepted by solidarity, and I bitterly regret now.

Futures sellers, be warned

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I bought Michel's PRO rig two years ago and have kept in touch with him.

Michel is one of France's best steadicam operator and worked on big films.

His rigs are well used, and have been around on set. It is not new gear, right off the shelf, obviously.

But my kit was very complete (with hard mount, superpost, cables, plates, rods, battery plates ...) and have been solid. I sent it to PRO for revision, which is what should be done when buying used precision tools like a steadicam package. Otherwise, buy new.

Minor scratches due to wear and tear, had to replace the pan bearings (like oil change in a car) and put in a new yoke, but that was it.

The shipping to Canada was no problem.


It is also preferable to actually meet with the seller and check out the gear before making such a big investment.



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