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Mike McGowan SOC

Taking orders for the first run of HC3's

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Yes Pete. As long as I know before I make the order, there is no reason I couldn't build 11 or 12 of them. The only reason I put in a number '10' is that once i build that run of 10 i will not build any more unit i get another full order of 10.

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Just a quick heads up. I used the prototype on set today and it worked great. I'm very happy with the new design and I think it is a super handy tool to have in your kit.

I have already placed my order of ten and can no longer add to the order without additional cost (material has already been purchased). I have sold 8 so there are 2 still available. There are also about 5 or 6 of you that told me via email that you were interested in one so I would would suggest putting your order in soon or you will have to wait for the second run (and I have no idea when that run will happen).


They are $1500 plus shipping. International shipping seems to be around $80 depending on where it goes and how quickly it gets there. We are also doing simple engraving (ie: Property of Mike McGowan) for an additional $50.


My PayPal is: mcgowanpro@aol.com



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I had a chance to use the HC3 in low mode for the first time on a shoot yesterday. It not only worked well, it may be easier to operate in low mode. I may just always use low mode and raise the vehicle mount if i want higher shots. Very excited about how it worked.


I should be shipping mid week next week.




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So the first order is sold out... I should be picking them up tomorrow and boxing and shipping them if all goes well.


Based on how quickly they sold, I will probably do another run but of 20 this time. I'll also be charging $1800 instead of $1500 and i will include a pelican case and a few other odds and ends.


I'll post some pictures of the production model when I get them.


I'm also keeping one extra one for myself to use as a rental...

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I've had enough (darn I missed it) messages that I'm going to probably do a second run whenever I find the time to work that into my schedule.


It would be cool to do a larger run (it costs me less per unit and I don't have to keep making new runs)..... So, if you want one or think you might want one, please send me an email or pm so I can start to put together an estimate for number of units.





Oh, run two will be $1800 instead of $1500 and will come with a pelican case and some T handle wrenches.

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