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WTR WANTED TO RENT Sachtler 30 tripod system and Fujinon HA42x9.7BERD

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Hello all,

I'm looking to strike a deal with someone on a long term rental on some equipment. The exact dates are still up in the air, but I'd need the gear for essentially the month of July 2013. (tentatively July 1st through the 22nd). If you are in NYC, that's ideal, if elsewhere we can pay to ship it depending on how much you are willing to rent it for.

I'm looking for:

A Sachtler 30 Tripod System:

A Fujinon HA42x9.7BERD Lens:

If you have the gear and are interested in renting it out (or know someone who is) post the best way to contact you (or just PM me).



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