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Massively upgraded Flyer package for sale - UK

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- Complete Flyer package for sale in London (Hackney). This is a great starter package and will allow you to learn the essential skills (and earn some dosh) before progressing to bigger rigs. This sled has been upgraded with £2000 of parts over the last few years.

- Sled upgraded with MK-V and GPI parts to allow precise placing of the monitor and batteries.

- Upgrades also allow post length to be adjusted (see pics).

- Kip handles on the base mean you can adjust the battery position easily.

- MK-V light base (http://www.mk-v.com/?p=1568).

- These upgrades allow DYNAMIC BALANCE (http://www.tiffen.com/dynamic%20primer.pdf).

- Flyer arm (4-15lb) - perfect for DSLR, C300 and similar. I've flown a stripped-down Scarlet with EF lenses (NB: you'll need a decimator for any cameras that do not provide composite out).

- 4 x PAG mini packs - recently recelled. New cells provide 3.3 AH so better than the original ones. Cosmetically, you can see where they have been opened up for the recell but they perform perfectly.

- 6 x PAG batteries which need to be recelled.

- PAG charger.

- PAG 12v charger with car adaptor for emergency charging on the move.

- Case for batteries and charger.

- Original Flyer case (original foam has been chopped up to fit the sled with upgrades - see pic).

- Teletest monitor (http://www.libraprobroadcast.co.uk/proddetail.asp?prod=teletest-OZL7000). Can be upgraded by Teletest to support SDI and generate frame lines (currently it does not). There are a couple of very small scratches on the screen which are only visible when the monitor is switched off (see pics in gallery).

- Custom D-tap multitap power solution on top stage (created by Terry West). This lets you power accessories - video/focus devices. See the pic of the Bartech as an example (BARTECH AND CAMERA NOT INCLUDED IN SALE).

- Dovetail plates and weight plate. The weight plate is 2.2lbs and adds the extra mass needed if you are flying a lightweight DSLR and nothing else. It also extends the stage to allow placing of accessories.

- Manfrotto quick release plate - this is great for DSLR shoots when you need to frequently change batteries. You can flip this off in seconds rather than having to deal with the pain of removing the dovetail plate in a mad hurry.

- Original heavyweight Steadicam stand with docking bracket.

- Steadicam Flyer vest.

- Allen t-bar.

- I'll also include the original Flyer sled parts should you ever upgrade to a bigger rig and want to take the MK-V and GPI Pro parts with you. You can then revert the Flyer to it's original form.

- Flyer to XLR power cable.

£3500 - will deliver locally and setup for the user. If you are a beginner, I'll give you a balance primer.

I'll ship in the UK but elsewhere it is at buyer's expense - batteries and charger will be expensive to ship. I can always ship the good batteries and PAG chargers can be picked up easily.

I'm only selling as I now have three rigs so one must go! I'll leave it here for a week and then it is off to Ebay.

Here's a gallery with pics of everything mentioned above:




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