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Quaid Cde Baca

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My name is Quaid Cde Baca, a young working camera operator, and 1st and 2nd AC, but new to steadicam (ideally trying to learn about all I can, techniques, and experience from working professionals). I know the only way to really learn is through experience and learning from professionals, and I am no were near a professional, but I want to start on the road to become one.

I can 2nd AC, intern, camera PA, or whatever position offered to learn. I want to put in the hours to learn from the pros, develop the right habits, and put myself out there to network. Im very open minded, and a positive thinker, and a clean slate to learn the trade, just looking for some help to get into the business.


Thank you, hoping for any help,

Quaid Cde Baca.


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