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Michael Barnes

Do the Merlin settings have to be so precise everytime?

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Everytime I setup my cookbook settings and lay it on table I find the horizontal axis needs very SLIGHT trimming... is this negligible in real world use? I don't really have time to get it precise everytime.

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In my experience with the Merlin 2, it needs to be trimmed pretty much constantly--particularly after putting it down and picking it back up. I got pretty good at compensating for slightly off trim for those times when retrimming just isn't feasible. You *may* have a better experience if you invest in a Merlin tabletop stand (or a C-stand or Steadistand) so that it can remain in its "flying" configuration when not in use.


I never had the advantage of cookbook setting for my camera, so at least you have that going for you.

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If the off balance is an issue dr your shot, trim it, if you are ok with it you don need to. It's a personal feeling. Even large steadicam a readjusting (to a certain degree)

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