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Glide Gear DNA 1000


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Hi I'm looking for some help on a glider. I'm not trying to blow an astronomical amount of money on a setup right now. I have been looking at this Glide Gear DNA 1000, and there is a guy selling one locally for 200$. I'm looking to pick it up for a weekend project this weekend, but befoer I do i am trying to decide if my 60D will be supported by this model since it is just slightly over or rihgt on the "suggested weight" of this setup.


Now my question is, is that the suggested weight to be able to stabilize a camera with the included weights. So basically if I include more weights myself will it hold my Canon 60D with no issues?




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I know a friend who bought one of these. He says it can carry a 60D but with about 12g to spare. You could experiment with putting more weight down the bottom, but being a first time user on a cheap rig like this, you might struggle. I have used the rig once and wasnt overly impressed, you get what you pay for with this thing.

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