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Lee Kazista

Canatrans and Dewalt Handheld monitor for sale

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1 Canatrans SD transmitter, great condition, recently given a checkup by lentequip



1 red antenna channel 20-35

1 yellow antenna channel 35-50

1 arri 3 pin power cable

1 panavision 24v power cable

1 XLR power cable

1 XLR to AC power plug

1 canatrans power to AC power plug


1 Dewalt style handheld SD monitor


3 batteries

1 charger


all items in great condition. Set up a wireless directors finder for your next job! HD transmitters do fail, save the day with a canatrans SD transmitter! Set up the transmitter on village for all those who are using SD monitors(sound, AD, HMU). Comes with a pelican case. Items located in the NYC metro region.




contact alisacolley@aol.com for info

(this item is being posted for friend)





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