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Steadicam Master Vest (in awesome ninja black)

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I am selling my Steadicam Vest. It's part of my Ultra Cine kit but I think it's a master vest.


£1600.00 GBP

All is in good condition.

A thumb screw plastic cover is missing from one of the arm trim bolts.

UK - https://microplastics.co.uk/category.aspx?fam=9&sec=%E1%A6%9D%EE%9D%99%EA%B8%91%E8%AB%88%CD%AA%E5%B7%A7%E6%A8%9C%EB%9E%A8

USA - http://www.fastenercomponents.com/products/wing-head-knobs-p-249.html?zenid=ea03d2178a5266a13f8dc6c81b1ff854


I have looked around and instead of paying Tiffen $16.00/unitI found the places places online to choose your colors or shapes for less. Apart from that the vest is working and clean, kinda like a new t-shirt smell, clean.

I have attached some pictures for you to have a gander.
Higher rez ones are here - https://www.facebook.com/SteadiJohnson


London, UK based.


Cheers guys


Andy Johnson


+447968 535 284


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