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Teletest TELESEND HD Video Wireless TX & LCD Receiver

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Teletest have recently launched the new HD Video Wireless Link, the TELESEND.




Would a couple of UK members of the Steadicam Forum, who already own digital links eg IDX / Teradek etc, like to borrow a TELESEND kit for a few weeks and write a brief review, comparing the different systems?



The HD-SDI transmitter fits onto your camera or Steadicam rig:

  • Choices of HD transmitters with HDMI, HD-SDI and PAL/NTSC inputs

  • HD-SDI loop through


The HD receiver is built inside the LCD monitor, thus it can be used as a very portable wireless confidence monitor or as a stand alone receiver for a broadcast quality link:

  • Choices of LCD receivers with HDMI, HD-SDI and PAL/NTSC outputs for feeding the media village / OB van etc
  • Option of an LCD receiver with two receivers built in, so the director can switch between two cameras
  • The link is broadcast quality and there are options with embedded audio
  • HDMI, HD-SDI and PAL/NTSC inputs using the BNCs on the rear


The TELESEND uses the Amimon chipset and so has a latency of <1ms: you can see two videos on our website showing that the delay is practically zero.

The TX and RX are matched pairs that Dynamicaly Select the Frequency (DFS - ie auto-tune) so the TELESEND is simply turn on and forget.

  • Ranges of 20m-40m without breaking up when moving around
  • Ranges of up to 70m without breaking up when the TX and RX are fixed.
  • Choices of battery plates on TX and LCD RX eg PAG, Anton Bauer, V-Lock

  • 7.5V to 30V input range on TX and LCD RX

  • Teletest designs and manufactures the TELESENDs in the UK, so we are always available for support & feedback


The feedback we have had so far from Hire Companies and Lighting Cameramen is that the TELESENDs perform better than the IDX WEVI and Camwaves and also perform better than the Teradek BOLT (see our website for the quotes). They tell us that their directors also like the lightweight, all-in-one LCD receiver.

It would now be great to have feedback from Steadicam users on this forum. So if you are interested, please email me at nr@teletest.tv


For more details and to download a TELESEND brochure, visit: www.teletest.tv


Best regards

Nick Rose

MD Teletest Ltd

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I got in touch with Nick for a demo and tested the kit on location and in the studio on a BBC Wales shoot I was working on last week.


After the units found each other the signals appeared solid. If the camera went out of range or got blocked it reappeared without fuss when back in range, taking far less time than the initial handshake.


Initially I wasn't bothered about the built in LCD screen and thought it was unnecessary. However in use it was great for quickly testing the link and for showing the shot to the DP and director whilst the video village was still being setup. As a 'bonus' feature I think having the screen is well worth it and an extra monitor is always handy.


I was advised by Teletest to maintain line of sight at all times but found the link stable even when objects moved between the two units.


The LCD Receiver was left switched on for most of the afternoon and didn't need a battery change. I found the units didn't get hot and therefore were quiet as they didn’t need any fans.


I would recommend contacting them to try one out for yourselves.

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Telesend Review.


I like Charles, also dropped Nick a line at Teletest, when he posted on the forum. He sent me a Telesend system, consisting a HD transmitter and the LCD monitor with built in receiver, to field test for a couple of weeks.


I only had opportunity to use it on a couple of occasions as there is usually the baying mob at video village to pander to, and unfortunately the model I had, had no HD-SDI video loop through on the receiver. However, this is available on different models but not on the test package I was sent.


Having used most video links available and drawing on that experience, I felt the Telesend video transmission was equal to and better than a Teradeck Bolt or Paralinx Arrow and much better than most Wevi's I've used. This is purely based on how solid the link remained under normal operating conditions.


It is plug and play but unicast and didn't support 24p and 24fps, only 25fps or multiples thereof, (Teletest told me that it will support 24p & 24fps in the new year.) However if you look at their website you will see that the units are incredibly competitively priced.


As a TX and RX with a built in LCD, when only the director/DoP needs to see a picture the unit makes perfect sense. If it were multicast I would be ordering a set up. Whilst I know the Bolt offers multicast transmission, it loses link too readily going around corners.


I used it in Canary Wharf and on the Citibank trading floor and there was no breakup, even when going around corners in corridors or when the line of site was broken. It worked great in the WiFi rich environment of an office - Wevi's and Titans would just give up in there. I also used it in Shepperton Studios with equally no breakup and also on location in a forest – even though Teletest took great pains to recommended a line of site, the link held when this was broken.


It is no Boxx Meridian, which is my weapon of choice, but at the price it is offered it does not pretend to be!

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Dear Steadicam Forum


Since Rick and Charles posted their reviews (below) we have had a couple of Steadicam users buy Telesend kits.

I will ask them to post a reply when they have a moment.


In the meantime, you may like to see this short video (click on the link then scroll down): http://www.teletest.tv/hd-video-wireless-link.aplos


All our customers say the TELESENDs perform better than the BOLT, Paralinx and the WEVI.

To summarise:

  • Better range - up to 70m in a street or in a studio
  • Will go through walls and floors (with reduced range)
  • Quickest to lock back on when signal lost (less than 10secs - BOLT can be over a minute)
  • Do not get hot (BOLT gets very hot)
  • No noise from the fan (fan on the BOLT)
  • Zero delay (WEVI has delay)
  • Composite video input option for old film cameras

You can see customer's reviews under the video - click on [see All Reviews] http://www.teletest.tv/hd-video-wireless-link.aplos


We hand build each unit for every customer - so they are perfectly compatible with your kit.

We also offer a 14day money back guarantee.


And finally, we now have HD-SDI and HDMI output options, so the LCD receiver can be used at the media village as well as a director's monitor.


If you live in the UK, we have loan kits you can borrow for a week or so on a shoot.

If you live overseas, we charge you the full amount as a deposit, but refund upon its safe return.


Best regards


Nick Rose

MD, Teletest Ltd


+44 1202 646100


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