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Philippe Bordelais

New docking bracket accessory: the Dock n Roll

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Dear colleagues,


I am Philippe Bordelais from France, some of you may know me as I am the designer of the Freestyle 3D Rig from P+S Technik.

During the past year I decided to create a line of accessories for the Steadicam universe under the name Abracam.

My first product that some of you may already know is a Universal Vehicle Mount.


I will soon have a website with the complete line to show you, I will let you know when it will be online, today I am presenting my second product: the "Dock n Roll".


It is an add-on for the Jerry Hill docking bracket and it is compatible with both versions sold by Jerry Hill and Tiffen.
It was during CINEC 2012 in Munich that I introduced this new accessory



Has it ever happened to you that a Director asks for a static shot and says that you do not have the time to switch to tripod?

Has it ever happened to you that a DoP asks to hold a specific framing for some time so that he can light the set and adjust camera with the image he wants?

The Dock n Roll allows to do that, by precisely choosing a framing while keeping your Rig securely locked on your docking stand.

The Dock n Roll is designed with Teflon bearings which comes also handy when you want to quickly estimate your fore and aft balance while building your rig.

It is extremely useful when you have several camera accessories you need to add to a setup and in particular with beam-splitter 3D Rigs that uses 2 cameras and are often difficult to balance.

The DnR on BETZ TOOLS' booth during CINEC 2012:


The DnR on TIFFEN's booth during CINEC 2012, picture by Garrett Brown:


I have a batch of Dock n Roll available and ready to be shipped now.

Please get in touch with me for more informations:



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First of all, it's a very clever bit you've come up with. Your post gave me a big smile, though.


AbraCam was the nickname given to a Pedestal Camera I worked for quite a few years. It is NOT a word I use for business, and wish you a ton of luck with it.




Peter Abraham, S.O.C.

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I want to thank everyone for your interest


More information:

The Dock n Roll Price is 350 Euros + shipping




With or w/o the DNR, the length is similar (only > 0,5 inch)

With or w/o the DNR, the security is the same



The DNR assembly is very simple, only 1/8’’ and 1/4’’ Allen wrenches are necessary.


The original screws are re-used


All the best




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Dear colleagues,


I don't post very often but I have to chime in here...


I called Betz-Tools last friday, received the DNR today - the installation was done after not even 10 minutes...this is a very well made and solid peace of machinery. A great addition to the kit, making my life easier. Standing around on location, geared up and holding the frame either for lighting or matching multi-camera setups for live-tv...those days are over now. No further workarounds needed - just move your stand, dock the rig and change the angle to the desired position...quick and easy. I already love it.



Thanks for taking your time to read this,





PS: I do not have any personal relation to Philippe - actually I never met him in person (just contacted him after reading this thread)...it's just that I've been waiting for this little piece of gear for a long time... :rolleyes:

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This is very cool, I want one. I modified my first Hill bracket already by milling out a flat section to allow it to rotate with a locking kip handle, but this looks way cooler, How much? This way I don't have to mill out the second bracket. I have been tilting my current set up for 5 years now.

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I got one and put it to work immeadiatly as the DP lit through the camera and I was able to leave the rig on the stand with the proper framing. Goes together fast. You may need to adjust the tightness of the lock down mechanism to prevent unwanted slippage. A little pricey for those not using Euro but well made and it's something I've been wanting for a while.

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