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GoldieBlox and Rube Goldberg

Jessica Lopez

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Hey guys,


I just had a stellar day flying the Arri Alexa with super speeds on a GoldieBlox commercial. The best part about everything was the content. I had to follow Rube Goldberg contraptions (built by little girls) throughout a little house and a down a long driveway.


Example GoldieBlox: http://www.goldieblox.com/products/goldieblox-and-the-spinning-machine


Today was so fantastic because it reminded me of my childhood. I was one of those little girls that built things out of what toys were available. But, It was one of the best days I've had on set. The shots weren't easy and required quick movements. The driveway shot was challenging because I was running backwards catching a rollerblade on a clothesline and going under a swing set then tracking with signs/chairs falling over (dominoes) and then a skateboard shooting through a bunch of cans and a babydoll. Aye!


Oh and Michael my dear grip for the day, saved my ass down that driveway. While running backwards one of the goldberg crew pulled a wire too soon before I could pass and I was caught, I started to lose my balance and was yelling to Michael that I'm going down. A couple more steps backwards Michael tucks me into his arms right before I go turning the fall into a lean. Thank you Michael, you were my hero!



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Such an awesome spot, nice work!

Great to see you had a good grip watching your back Jess, I know that feeling, had a tiny stumble on a set of stairs yesterday and was promptly shoved back into position by my burly grip buddy, great grips are worth their weight in gold :)

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